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Q: What size pallets do you supply?
A: We can supply any pallet size and/or configuration based on your requirements. The most common size pallet is the Australian Standard size 1165mm x 1165mm. We generally have stock on hand, readily available for delivery.

Q: Do you sell Heat Treated Export Pallets?
A: Yes, we are a certified Heat Treatment provider, compliant with ISPM 15 regulations. This service is provided on site.

Q: Can you heat treat my wooden pallets/crates/gluts?
A: Yes. We can manufacture wooden products for you and heat treat them on our premises. We can also heat treat your existing pallets.

Q: What is the Australian Standard Pallet size?
A: The Australian Standard pallet size is 1165mm x 1165mm.

Q: I have wooden pallets I want to get rid of. Do you pick up unwanted pallets?
A: Yes. Please send through an image of the pallets as well as the dimensions (approximate) and the number of pallets you have. We will then come back to you and let you know if we are interested. If so, collection of your unwanted pallets is FREE of charge.

Q: What is a skid?
A: Skids are pallets that have no bottom boards. They are commonly used for transporting lighter weight goods and products that may not need to be enclosed or have so much enclosure. They are excellent for sheet materials. Please contact our office to determine what is best for your transportation needs.

Q: I don't know what I need! Can you come out to our site to advise us on our requirements?
A: Absolutely. Please contact our office team to arrange an appointment time. With over three decades of experience in the materials and handling industry,
you're guaranteed to receive expert advice.

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